After the October Flood

by Darren Pierce : Radar, Radar! : 10.28.06 6:32pm EST


After Bandai ships their massive flood of October loot, it's once again time to secure a lock on consumer wallets with the latest pile of announcements, solicitations, rumors, and outright lies.

SOC Ideon scheduled for March at ¥20,800

Reissue Chogokin Lightans priced at ¥5,220 each. Gold, Scope, and Denji in February; Mechanic, IC, and Time in March

Saint Cloth Myth grinds on with Sea Dragon Kanon in February, Phoenix Ikki Final Form in March. A new "Appendix" sub-line launches in February with Pegasus Seiya, Gemini Saga, Virgo Shaka, and Wyvern Rhadamanthys each priced at ¥1,890

SIC Series brings forth #36 Chalice & Garren in February, and #37 Leangle & Blade Jack Form in March. The eighth installment of Takumi Damashii appears in March as well

Souchaku Henshin sticks around for the next Kamen Rider series, with two entries appearing in March.

Sofubi Damashii churns out Stronger and Tackle both in February

Mobile Suit in Action unleashes Akatsuki (with Cagalli's Ohwashi unit) in March, TR1 Hazel in February, and Zudah #1 in January. The old GM & Launch is reissued in Februrary as well

FIX Figuration drops #0034 Gundam GP03 Stamen in March, with a "surprise" possibly being in the works for its partner monster mecha Dendrobium. Speaking of surprises ...

FIX Figuration Metal Edition sub-line breaks ground in February with the G-Armor Ver Ka. Built with metal and ABS, the toy is scaled up to 1:100. ¥12,400

Gundam Unicorn matched to an even better preview image

Strategy of Gundam Extra number three to include Gundam NT-1 Full Armor, two flavors of Kampher, two flavors of Hygogg, Zaku Sniper, and GM Striker, all in March

Gundam Core Fighter Collection includes 10cm long versions of the original RX-78 core fighter, the GP01 core fighter, V Gundam's core fighter with core booster, Impulse Gundam's Core Splendor, and the G3 core fighter (ie, a recolor). Each comes with a stand, ships in February

HMS Selection version CHAR includes Ziong, Rick Dom, Gelgoog, Zugock, Zaku, and RX-78/CA. The ¥300 gashaballs are each colored red. They come with special parts, weapons, and gimmicks. January