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At Zinc Panic, we endeavor to be the most complete, thorough and accurate resource regarding anything related to Japanese toys. Our database covers hundreds of designers and many thousands of robot designs and their derived characters. Given the enormity of our vision's scope and the base size of our contributors, errors, omissions and oversights are a virtual certainty. Click the appropriate header below to send us a message. Right the wrong! Correct the inaccurate! Cite the source! Goooooo!

technical issues

If you are having browser trouble (ie; something looks weird), please include your OS and browser versions. If you are experiencing errors or otherwise odd behavior, please include any error messages in question (cut and paste) and the exact steps that it takes to reproduce the problem.

content issues

This is the place for questions regarding errors, oversights and omissions. It is also the best way to let us know if we have incorrectly attributed (or appropriated) an image that belongs to someone else.


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