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Here stands the stump for our resident Mecha-Keillor (or Cyber-Sedaris, depending on his mood) Darren Pierce. Relax and sip down some old-timey Pocari Sweat as he pontificates about Robophillia past and present.

On a Friend's Birthday

Darren Pierce : 2016-01-16 19:59:32
I never knew Erik Ando-yeap. For a decade, we communicated online, every day, morning to night, seven days a week. And I'm not sure I ever knew who he was. I'd like to share what I do know about him, but my experience is mostly understood through the view of a tiny chat window on a laptop screen. This remembrance of him will be overly focused on myself, because I can only talk about his world as it impacted my world. That intersection is the only story I can tell.We collaborated with others on the development of a pair of web sites...
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Darren Pierce : 2006-01-27 06:50:24
I've put words about plastic on the Internet in the past, but times have changed, and so has plastic, and I think the material needs an update. Because I work quite a bit with the plastics industry, writing software that controls the manufacturing process, I've come to know something about simple consumer applications of plastic (that means toys), and I tend to get asked a basic set of questions quite a bit. Hopefully this knowledge will come to some benefit. What is Plastic The word "plastic" essentially means "pliant". It refers to things that can be shaped or formed. But when we refer to plastics in the materials sciences...
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