Touched for the very first time...

by Kris Petersen : Radar, Radar! : 06.06.04 4:42pm EST


At the recent 18th World Character Convention, the painted prototype for the next Saint Cloth Myth figure was shown - Virgo Shaka. They haven't shown the Cloth Obje yet, but he is able to sit cross-legged in order the summon Buddha. (It makes sense to someone, I'm sure.)

In Gundam news, there, um, isn't so much. The lineup for the 6th series of Ultimate Operation candy toys was shown - The series has Char's Gelgoog, Guntank, GP01, and the Black Tri-Stars High Mobility Zaku. The packaging for the Zeonography Ramba Ral's Zaku was on display, and it was wonderfully unique and interesting. The Version 2 Doms and the new black Rick-Dias were displayed in action poses, in order to justify buying new versions of the same characters,