Wonder Fest 2006 Winter Wrap

by Darren Pierce : Radar, Radar! : 02.24.06 6:29pm EST


I'm almost too lazy to write this up, as I'm sure everyone who knows what Won Fest is has probably been keeping up, and there wasn't a ton of hard news. Nonetheless, I'll pitch in my little summary ...

  • Fewture showed off their EX Gokin Shin Getta 1. It's pretty much a straight recolor of the Black Getta, but without the cape and the little shin guards.
  • Takara launches a new "Microman Microaction Plus" sub-line, featuring Microaction figures plus a prop item. We begin with Votoms' (nekkid) Fyana plus her jijirium capsule. The capsule lights with LED action.
  • Speaking of Votoms, the new Yamato accessory set isn't going to be an accessory set -- it's a whole 1:12 Strong Bacchus, due in August.
  • The Yamato 1:12 Red Shoulder will come with at least some optional clear parts so you can display your doggie in semi-skeletal mode.
  • Speaking of Yamato, the second version "low visibility" Valk is an OD camo 1A, and the "stealth" Valk is a dark gray 1J, optionally sold with Super parts. The upcoming display stand recolors are metallic and black.
  • Kaiyodo's Revolver Joint line has been renamed Revoltech, and now includes more Evas and a King Gainer.
  • Good Smile's Tachikoma includes a poseable scale Kusanagi.
  • Kotobukiya is going to offer a special limited version of Gigabrain's Real Action Atranger. It's Atranger's manga brother ExChanger, and it's limited to only 100 items. Due in March.
  • Toys Dream Project is going to offer a smoke clear version of SD Musai, the MSiA Matador and Zebra Gundam, and an Actic Gear Turbo Custom Scopedog original "Black V" recolor. They're all due in June, and they're all limited to 3,000 each.
  • Dengeki Hobby will offer an exclusive MSiA Marasai and Garabaldi Titans Test Team recolor, due in June.
  • Takara's Microworld series of 1:144 trading figures will feature an upcoming six-set of various minor Votoms mecha that don't normally see the limelight. You'll see the AT Fly, the little hover buggy thing, the flatbed truck, etc.
  • Keybots' Grand Rex will be 12" tall!
Perhaps most importantly, Junkshop was selling the South Korean SD Gundam Force Dom & Gallop set. Priorities, people.