B-co Premium Lines 2004 Closeout

by Darren Pierce : Radar, Radar! : 07.10.04 6:39pm EST
Note: The Triple Mugenbine Set has been canceled by Toy Card. TRU is looking to pick it up, but no date or price has been established.

(All prices tax included)


MSiA Rick Dom, bottom Oct, ¥1,575 (1)
FIX 0022 ZZ Gundam, bottom Oct, ¥3,864 (2)
MRM Dump Kondor, top Oct, ¥1,500 (3)
Seiya Sagittarius Aioros, mid Oct, ¥4,200
SOC Maz Angel Dianan A, bottom Oct, ¥4,725


MSiA GM, bottom Nov, ¥1,575 (4)
MSiA Blitz Gundam, mid Nov, ¥1,260
Zeon 3005a Zaku II F2 Yellow, bottom Nov, ¥3,864 (5)
Zeon 3005b Zaku II F2 Green, bottom Nov, ¥3,864 (5)
Banpr. Parts Swap Trading MS Figures, mid Nov, (prize goods) (6)
Souchaku Henshin KR Knight, bottom Nov, ¥2,100 (7)
Souchaku Henshin KR Raya, bottom Nov, ¥2,100 (7)
Popinika Super Machine Cyclone-kai-go, bottom Nov, ¥1,600 (8)
Popinika Super Machine Cruiser, bottom Nov, ¥1,600 (8)
SOC Maz Angel Venus A, bottom Nov, ¥4,725
SOC Garada K7, bottom Nov, ¥5,250 (9)


MSiA Prototype Gundam, mid Dec, ¥1,575 (10)
MSiA Duel Gundam, mid Dec, ¥1,260
FIX 0023 100-Shiki, bottom Dec, ¥5,775 (11)
Banpr. R/C Dodai + Gouf, mid Dec, (prize goods)
Souchaku Henshin KR Delta, bottom Dec, ¥2,100 (12)
Souchaku Henshin KR Psiga, bottom Dec, ¥2,625 (13)
Seiya Capricorn Shura, mid Dec, ¥4,200
SOC Maz Angel Minerva X, bottom Dec, ¥5,775
SOC Dablas M2, bottom Dec, ¥5,000 (14)
Sofubi Damashii Kaiketsu Zubat, mid Dec, ¥1,050
Sofubi Damashii Kikaida 01, mid Dec, ¥1,050
Sofubi Damashii Choujin Barom 1, mid Dec, ¥1,050

(1) Based on V2 MSiA technology
(2) Converts to FAZZ
(3) Name still tenative
(4) With Tin Cod fighter craft
(5) 0083 type proportioned Zaku converts to desert type
(6) With parts swappable between figures
(7) With assortment of mini cards
(8) With suspension and other gimmicks
(9) Head scythes may be removed
(10) With light launch used in-story for escape from White Base, meant for parity with scene in Fuji-Q Highland's Gundam The Ride attraction
(11) Converts to 100-Shiki-kai and FA 100-Shiki
(12) Can convert to Pointer Mode
(13) With large backpack and articulated Flying Attacker
(14) Necks are on flexible stalks