2006 Q3 Gundam

by Darren Pierce : Radar, Radar! : 04.20.06 5:53am EST


A little Gundam product scheduling for 2006 July ~ September to please your need for PVC. The Hyaku Shiki is supposed to offer a wonderful new plating technology. Notice they always feel the need to mention a new plating technology. The Mk-II & Flying Armor pack is titled the "Atmospheric Re-Entry Set". There's also a suggestion that Nu Gundam might be coming our way via the HCM Pro line. Finally, the 3rd UC Arms Gallery will feature weapons from Gundams 0083 and Zeta.

  • Zeonography Galbaldy Alpha <> Char's Gelgoog #3010a
  • Zeonography Galbaldy Alpha <> Production Gelgoog #3010b
  • MSiA Bartfeld's LaGOWE
  • Gundam FIX Crossbone Gundam X3 #0031
  • MSiA Gates' Bound Doc
  • MSiA Providence Gundam
  • EMSiA Gundam Mk-II & Flying Armor
  • Gundam FIX GM Sniper Custom (MSV Ver.) <> Real Type Gundam #0032
  • MSiA Hamaan's Gaza-C
  • EMSiA Hyaku Shiki