Bandai June 2006

by Darren Pierce : Radar, Radar! : 01.24.06 8:23am EST


When it rains, it pours. It's just easier to put all this in a list. A small pile of Bandai news in a correction fax that came out end of business Tuesday, and the second quarter boy's hobby product bulletin on top of that ...

  • The Gouf Ignited (Mass Production Type) and BuCUE we blurbed 3 days ago are regular MSiA, not extended (big shock). And now that one can read the blurry print, it seems EMSiA Freedom can pull Hi-Mat Full Whatzitz mode because the wings will be made of nice, lightweight ABS.
  • FIX 0030 is listed as Zeta Zwei, June ¥5,775
  • Cosmic Region 7005 is listed as Infinite Justice Gundam, June ¥3,864
  • HCM Pro Hambrabi in March, ¥2,100
  • HCM Pro Green Divers Asshimar (the blue one from the old toy show pix) in March, ¥2,100
  • SOC Gold Lightan's price is set at ¥6,300, June
  • The SOC "Legend of Daiku Maryu" Gaiking is set for June, ¥7,140. This one represents the Gaiking from the new TV show. Considering Bandai Asia ships SOC products weeks ahead of Bandai Japan, this may tend to support the information snuck out of Taiwan earlier.
  • A second production of the "repaint version" SOC Daiku Maryu set for June, ¥10,290, Eva 01 in May, ¥5,775, and Eva 00 in May, ¥5,775, and Chogokin Doraemon in May, ¥3,990
  • The "1979 Version" of Chogokin Doraemon due in February is not a recolor of the new toy. It's actually a reissue of the original toy, complete with cloth collar and jingle bell
  • The "Movie Version" of Chogokin Doraemon due in March is essentially the new Doramon toy, but with more and different capsule accessories. (Stuff from the movie.)
  • Souchaku Henshin Zabii in April, ¥3,150
  • Two more Kabuto Souchaku Henshins, one in May and one in June (The characters are sekrit, but I know what they are! They're bugs!)
  • Souchaku Henshin Faiz Blaster Form in June, ¥2,100
  • Previously announced Souchaku Henshin Ouga is scheduled for (you guessed it) June, ¥2,100
  • Mirror Monster Set 3 includes Biogreeza, Gortphoenix, and Darkwing
  • SIC 33, again in June, it's Hibiki Kurenai and Todoroki, ¥5,040
  • The fourth Garo Equip & Prop set will be Garo + Gouten + Hourglass, June ¥7,140