by Kris Petersen : Radar, Radar! : 04.08.04 1:37am EST


At the presentation, they were able to get the Japanese voice actor of "Amuro Ray" (Tohru Furuya) to introduce the products. Vinyl-clad Bandai girls paraded out on the stage carrying boxed, production versions of the toys. The image on the front of the boxes are close-ups of a part of the figure (Such as up a Rick-Dom's skirt and the back of his legs) with a square window cut out of the center, allowing you to see the figure inside. The boxes are exactly 13.5 cm wide by 19.0cm tall -- As stated before, the approximate size of DVD cases. Following is a preliminary release schedule:

01: RX-78-2 Gundam
02: Zaku II
03: Guncannon
04: Rick-Dom

05: Guntank

06: Gundam Mk. II Titans

07: Char's Zaku

On the slide for November, silhouettes of Gundam and Rick-Dom were pictured under Char's Zaku. One can only assume this implies Char recolors of those two items. On the slide following this, silhouettes of God Gundam, Aile Strike Gundam, Nu Gundam, and Ziong were shown -- Implying that they may be planned for a future release. In addition, in slides previously to this, several close-ups of Gundam mecha were shown in a collage -- Parts of Nu Gundam, Qubeley, Gouf Custom, ZionG, Guntank, Char's Zugock, and Hyaku Shiki -- Therefore, one can assume they are also being, at the least, considered.

Tohru took to the stage again, in Amuro cosplay, and began speaking to the lead singer of T.M. Revolution -- The music group behind the first Gundam SEED opening, and the theme song to the SEED MSV line, soon to debut. The new commercial, featuring Strike Gundam IWSP and Sword Calamity Gundam, is set to debut on TV in the near future. Maybe we'll see some of the characters from this series in this new HCM Pro line? Time will tell.