Miyazawa Anniversary Madness

by Darren Pierce : Radar, Radar! : 11.24.06 7:38pm EST


Ancient wholesaler Miyazawa Mokei celebrated its 60th anniversary on October 3rd, but the real party got started this week with a vendor promotion showing off the latest and greatest goods purveyed. Featured were Yamato's Brutishdog, VF0A and Ghost Booster, YF19 and Fold Booster, and a new 1:48 GBP Urban Camo recolor. Also seen was the exclusive metallic Garland recolor offered with the Megazone 23 Complete Box DVD set.

Of course, being a Miyazawa expo, those namesake recolor exclusives were aplenty. CM's Corp shows off their metallic Death Messenger and metallic Calamitydog 2-pack, along with the already released camo Touramfam. Don't forget the Brave Gokin Miyazawa Special Set, featuring recolors of Gaogaigar, Gaofighgar, and Gaogaigo, along with Goldymarg, Pliars, and an exclusive metallic Guy appearing in January.

Megahouse announced their Miyazawa exclusive Limited Model Action L-Gaim in Pentagona Colors (eggshell and clear) with the standard editions L-Gaim and Vatshu. The 20cm action figures are set to appear in February, with the Miyazawa version landing in March. Megahouse also announces Palm Action Orguss and Nikick, appearing in February.

Perhaps most surprising of all is CM's Brave Gokin GoShogun, expanding the line beyond ... well ... Brave Series characters. Arriving in the spring, the toy features a Jack Knight, King Arrow, and Queen Rose that dock inside GoShogun, and combine to form TriThree.