Ghost Boosters: Who Ya Gonna ...

by Darren Pierce : Radar, Radar! : 12.11.06 10:51am EST


... I can't do it. It's too corny even for me.

Yamato has solicited their QF-2200D-A Ghost and Shin's VF-0A plus QF-2200-B Ghost. Both packs come with extra missile and rocket launchers for your VF-0's. Both Ghosts (the D-A version has the nifty little bubble on its head) will work with either Yamato's 1:60 VF-0A or VF-0S toys.

The standalone Ghost is ¥5,040, April. The set is ¥20,790, May. Pretty cool how the Ghost can attach to the Valk in all three modes. Ghost has retractable landing gear, too.