CM's 3G Prowess

by Darren Pierce : Radar, Radar! : 07.23.04 9:07am EST


It's always a good idea to advise caution any time a smaller company new to the process of making advanced, complicated toys enters the fray. Initial offerings from Kotobukiya, Yamato, and possibly Max Factory should set expectations accordingly. That said, it appears the CM's Gaogaigar will at least have gimmicks and proportions going for it.

The toy is billed as having perfect gattai / henkei, and there's reason for optimism. The insertion of Liner Gao through Galeon closely follows the DX toy, although central parts of Liner Gao may have to be removed / discarded to make it work. Gaigar's combo gimmicks are faithfully reproduced with Drill and Stealth Gaos, and Drill Gao even features rubber treads.

Perhaps most exciting for those ever-looking for the next toy down the road is the fairly well developed prototype of their upcoming Genesic Gaogaigar.