On the Wings of a Robot

by Darren Pierce : Radar, Radar! : 09.24.04 3:28pm EST


Toys R Us will offer their exclusive Super Dekaranger Robo Set complete with an exclusive ... PLAYMAT! The set includes DekaRobo and DekaBike Robo.

Bandai literature indicates DekaWing Robo will offer a lot of gattaiability, including the five PatWing Machines combining into DekaWing Robo or DekaWing Cannon (of course), plus the components can be stored in DekaBase, plus a combination with DekaRobo, PLUS DekaWing Robo can ride on DekaBike.

A version 1.5 of the (very cool) Capsule Dekaranger Robo will be coming out in December that includes a Judgement Sword. It will also be able to gattai with the upcoming Capsule DekaWing Robo (also out in December).

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