WHAM Reduced

by Darren Pierce : Radar, Radar! : 10.23.06 7:44pm EST


Wave hasn't done much with "toys" (or completed figures, or whatever you'd like to call them) in the past, but it looks like they're trying to enter the fray in grand fashion with their new WHAM! line. The Wave High Advanced Model line is a series of highly detailed, fully articulated figures that's launching with the movie version Macross.

Featuring a complete transformation, 1:5000 scale, and an exterior that's described as "mostly metal", the Macross comes out to about 9.5 inches in length in fortress mode. ¥15,000 in December.

As if we didn't have enough Tachikoma goods coming -- heck, as if Wave wasn't making enough Tachikoma goods themselves, the next four entries in the WHAM! line are even more of the little think tanks. Starting up in March, the original version Tachikoma (that's the pre-upgrade version, sans clawed feet) hits shelves with a Kusanagi figure for ¥3,780. The Tachikomas are mostly ABS -- no metal -- and 1:24 scale.

The bog standard Tachikoma is followed by the three members of AI Sentai Tachikomanzu! The spirited team of de-commissioned mecha that rescued Batou in the season one climax ships in April with Tachi-Blue and Batou, May with Tachi-Yellow and Togusa, and June with Tachi-Silver and Aramaki. Prices are the same. You know, they have their own little theme song on the OST?