Bandai 2006 Q3 Tokusatsu Onslaught

by Darren Pierce : Radar, Radar! : 05.21.06 3:47am EST


Here's the big pile of Bandai's boys' toku offerings for mid year. And other stuff sprinkled in. Boukenger's Siren Builder, rumor has it, is composed of a police car, fire engine, and ambulance. Super Daibouken gets a box set release.

Since it's closing in on warm weather, and Kabuto is pretty hot, Bandai is reissuing the two Mugenbine beetles as a set. Kamen Rider Gatack (romanization is my guess) is the latest anti hero (and stag beetle) to complement Kabuto. Riders Caucasus, Hercules, and Centaurus (all beetles of various varieties) debut for the summer KR movie.

The two Ultraman Moebius Guys Machine ships combine to form GunPhoenix, but adding the third GunBooster gets you GunPhoenix Striker. Did I mention those ships proudly bear the Popynica name? They're very big and metal-heavy. Quite nice indeed. I presume Phoenix Nest is a base playset, but it's Popynica, too, so maybe it'll be more vehicle-ish than base-ish.

June ...
  • Mugen Gattai SP Muginsect Double Set
  • GouGou Gattai DX Super Daibouken
  • RHK09 Kamen Rider Gatack (Rider Form)
  • RHK10 Kamen Rider Gatack (Masked Form)

July ...
  • HCM Pro 29 Sazabi
  • GouGou Gattai DX Siren Builder
  • SH6 Bouken Silver
  • Popynica Guys Machine 03 GunBooster
  • Popynica Guys Machine DX GunPhoenix Striker
  • Cast Off Rider 5 Kamen Rider Gatack
  • Cast Off Rider Machine DX Gatack Extender
  • Souchaku Henshin Kamen Rider Gatack

August ...
  • HCM Pro 30 ReGZ & Back Weapons System
  • SHEX Bouken Black Accelltector
  • SHEX Bouken Blue Accelltector
  • RHK11 Kamen Rider Kabuto (Hyper Form)
  • RHKEX Kamen Rider Caucasus
  • RHKEX Kamen Rider Hercules
  • RHKEX Kamen Rider Centaurus
  • Cast Off Rider 6 Zectrooper
  • Cast Off Rider EX Movie Rider 3 Set

September ...
  • Popynica Guys Machine DX Phoenix Nest
  • RHK12 Zectrooper