Mugenbine Special Packs

by Darren Pierce : Radar, Radar! : 05.29.06 7:09am EST


A little more info on upcoming Mugenbine releases ...

The Mugen Insect Double pack (June, ¥3,675) is a wee bit more than a recolor. Sort of like the TRU exclusive warrior trio set, this one will come with an exclusive weapons mecha, similar to Armed Leon. This time it's Armed Batta (grasshopper).

The Saga Falcon set (July, ¥3,150) introduces a new type of Mugen Engine called the Wing Engine (it makes wings flap). A small Mugenroid sized robot can ride Saga Falcon in bird or robot modes or combine with Saga Falcon to form a larger robot. There's a nifty combination with Arc Tiger that uses both the Wing Engine and the Tornado Engine together.

The Roid General 3 set (September, ¥2,310) includes 3 clear Turboroids (QuickRoid, RushRoid, and SparkRoid) with special weapons sets. They can combine to form Roid General 3, and features a special combination with Arc Tiger.

Spit Cobra (August, ¥1,575) is a normal Mugen Gattai series toy that features a (can you guess it?) snake mode. It features a special combination with Saga Falcon.