2006 Q3 -- Not Gundam

by Darren Pierce : Radar, Radar! : 04.20.06 8:26am EST


Here's the scoop on the non-Gundam collectible lines. The Saint Cloth Myth series sees Andromeda Shun Final Form and Dubhe Siegfried. From the Garo Equip & Prop series, look forward to Berzerk Garo & Damaged Zaruba and Knight Kiba & the Kuon Pendant. SIC is getting some KR Hibiki action, too, with an Ibuki & Zanki set followed by a limited Sabaki, Eiki, & Danki set. Almost all of the above is due in August.

Don't forget SOC Leopardon in July and SOC Gunbuster in September.

There's also Soul of Soft Vinyl Kamen Rider X, Ryuuki, and Kaixa coming in August, with Souchaku Henshin KR Black. Souchaku Henshin Jack Moon is due in October. Finally, a 4th set of Souchaku Henshin Mirror monsters featuring Dragredder, Volcancer, and Magnagiga is scheduled for August as well.