Bandai Nov 2005 Cumulative Update

by Darren Pierce : Radar, Radar! : 10.26.05 4:29pm EST


October has been weird. Delayed announcements, conflicting data, and canceled plans. Since the mid-month announcements didn't hit until yesterday, this is a cumulative update (subject to change when the toys are solicited).

Souchaku Henshin Sharivan and Shaider are still on for January, ¥2,625 each. Souchaku Henshin "New Kamen Rider" is set for February. The name looks sorta like "Mars", but not like in "God Mars". Souchaku Henshin Gold Knight Garo (this guy) set for March, ¥3,150.

Zeonography Zugock (and Char's Zugock) still good for February, ¥3,864. EMSiA Gundam ¥1,890 ("realistic coloring") and MSiA Bound Doc ¥4,200 ("transforming") both in February. Cosmic Region Destiny ¥3,000 in March. There's also a re-release of MSiA The O ("new packaging") ¥2,940 in January.

Strong Attack Aquarion in February for ¥20,790 and Lord of Byston Well Gedo in March for ¥3,940.

As for SOC, Battle Fever Robo is locked in February at ¥6,300, but no commitment to price or ship month for Voltes or Gold Lightan. Make of that what you will. Voltes is so far along (marketing-wise), an early 2006 release is inevitable.

Soul of Sofubi Kamen Rider 1 and 2 (from the new "The First" movie) set for January.

Bandai also says they're going to depend entirely on the North American market for growth next year. Japan is flat, and they feel North America is relatively untapped, especially for "amusement products". Ready for a NASCAR themed sentai?