August 2005 Toy Show Updates I

by Darren Pierce : Radar, Radar! : 08.20.05 8:39pm EST


Chara Hobby opened in Chiba today, running through the weekend, and it was chock full of news.

Bandai gives away news of an upcoming Soul of Chogokin Battle Fever Robo. When asked about the possibility of a Soul of Popynika Battle Shark, the rep replied, "What if it's compatible with the original toy?". SOC Xabungle and DX Chogokin Aquarion were also on display, finalized, with display boxes. The Bandai rep stated, "The project isn't dead," when asked about the old CharaWheels Galliar featured in the hobby magazines. In minor news, Ultraman Max Dash Bird 3 makes an appearance transforming between submarine and jet modes.

Takara shows off their Masterpiece Exkaiser prototype, stating the final product will be "mostly metal".

CM's Corporation makes perhaps the biggest splash, introducing no less than three upcoming Brave Gokin products: Genesic Gaogaigar, Gaofaigar, and the previously announced God Raijinoh. All three are 12 inch items in the $200 price range.

Finally, Ganzaemon-san's GFF Maniax site shows off his photography from Chara Hobby 2005.