November 05 Hobby Mag Loot

by Darren Pierce : Radar, Radar! : 10.21.05 10:46am EST


Bandai shows us Souchaku Henshin Space Sheriffs Sharivan and Shaider, coming in January, as well as Akumaizer 3. We also get a glimpse of the upcoming Reinforced Aquarion -- slightly more than a recolor -- and featuring "official" support for Assault Walker and Armageddon forms. It's shipping in March.

Takara displays the Microaction Chirco Cuvie compatible "DX" 1:18 Scopedog, highly poseable, nine inches tall, and coming in the spring. Also shown are colored proofs of Masterpiece Exkaiser. Two versions of the Kaiser Sword will be shipped -- a full length display version, and a smaller multi-section version that can be stored in the leg compartment.

Yamato shows us more imagery of their thirteen inch 1:60 VF-0, available in the spring, and a tiny glimpse of the 2nd 1:12 Scopedog weapons set, featuring the solid shooter and pentatrooper.

CM's Corp shows the finalized Brave Gokin Genesic Gaogaigar. (Now with updated web page on CM's site.) Chief among the upgrades for GGGG include new face work for Gaigar's head and the lion head, and Gaigar's lower legs have gone from plastic to metal.