GaGaGood Grief

by Darren Pierce : Radar, Radar! : 01.23.06 2:44am EST


Another little landslide of Brave Series news. Dengeki Hobby shows us a painted Masterpiece Dragon Kaizer, including a shot of Exkaiser towing Dragon Jet. How about some fully painted pictures of the combined Masterpiece Great Exkaiser, measuring 11 inches of blocky chunk robot.

CM's Corp shows us their Brave Gokin Gaofighgar, and a real treat for the fans: a fully combining Pliars set. Although it's not listed in the Brave Gokin line, the toys are compatible with the Brave Gokin toys.

Also shown are the GGG, GFG, and GGGG action figures available with the Grand Glorious Gathering DVD box set, and a silhouette of "Mechanoid Gaigo" from the mysterious "Z Project". He seems to combine with the gao machines to form a strange new version of Star Gaogaigar!