Bandai Has Analyzed Your Needs

by Darren Pierce : Radar, Radar! : 08.04.04 6:43pm EST


From time to time, Bandai's crack marketing staff takes a good, long, hard look at their various merchandise lines in order to determine where they might have gaps in product. For example, if Ultraman is really popular with 8 year olds, they'll make sure there's a range of in-demand Ultraman toys suitable for such children.

Recently, Bandai has decided there is a big gap in the Gundam product lines. It seems there's simply not enough Gundam products available in Japan that you can fill your living space with. The number of RX-78 Gundam toy robots available simply doesn't match the buying capacity of the typical Gundam enthusiast. While most scales ranging from 1:6 to 1:400 have been covered, we have yet to see coverage in the vital decimal scales at all, such as 1:32.45, and the ever popular 1:157.21 form factor.

To this end, in November, Bandai introduces the Gundam HMS Selection line. One hundred twenty percent larger than their MS Selection brothers, these 3.5" gashapon toys are heavily modeled after their HCM Pro cousins, offering poseability, quality, and detail. Each HMS toy will feature 26 points of articulation, accessories, and crisp paint. The first round will feature Gundam, G-3 Gundam, GM, Zaku, and Char's Zaku, and the line is planned out far, far into the future ...

... So you won't be without a Gundam.