Full Blast Dekaranger

by Darren Pierce : Radar, Radar! : 07.14.04 8:27pm EST


The Dekaranger movie, Full Blast Action, opens on September 11th, and with it come new toys.

The official movie toy is Blast Buggy, a weapons cart that equips Dekaranger Robo with the Blast Launcher and Blast Shield in a mode called Dekaranger Robo Full Blast Custom. Dig the groovy chestplate. The final movie mode also calls for Dekaranger Robo to use Blast Buggy as a weapons emplacement. Blast Buggy ships in September for ¥3,675.

Perhaps more exciting is DekaWing Robo, the newest DX sentai robo. Putting to rest the earlier rumor of DekaSpace Robo, DekaWing includes five new spaceship components that combine into a 10 inch tall and one foot wide robot. DekaWing Robo includes the same light and sound and shock-sensor gimmicks that Dekaranger Robo has, and converts to a 10 inch long double barreled gun, DekaWing Cannon, that may be used by either kids or the other DX robots.

Without doubt, there will be power-up modes, currently unseen, with the other Deka robots. The sentai also dons new "SWAT Mode" costumes in this stage of the story, and utilize a new team weapon, the D Revolver, to execute their tasks.