DekaRumor: Painfully Fanboyish

by Darren Pierce : Radar, Radar! : 07.10.04 8:28pm EST
Some rumors seem so laden with geekiness, they're embarassing. Yet, two somewhat reliable sources produced fairly similar information, so this bushel of corn will be given its due. If it turns out to be true, you heard it here. It if turns out to be a laughingstock, you never heard it.

DX DekaSpace Robo ¥7,980, mid October

Features: Five spaceships that combine into one spaceship or one robot. May be stored in DekaBase similar to DekaRobo. Has LED gimmicks similar to DekaRobo. DekaBase Crawler + DekaBike + DekaSpace combine to form DekaFortress. DekaBike + DekaSpace combine to form a power-up robot.

God help us all.