Mugenbine's Massive Monsoon

by Darren Pierce : Radar, Radar! : 07.28.04 9:49pm EST


Promo photography of Mugenbine's dino team, Galaxy Rex and Heat Tricera. They supposedly gattai into a brontosaur. Also, first glimpses of beetle brothers Iron Beetle and Junk Stag, which turn into a helo and bulldozer, and gattai together to form "MugenInsector Double". Sponsored by the letter "K", we also find Dump Condor, a cousin of Carry Eagle. I'm not sure how they got a "K" out of that. Maybe it's Dump Kondor. Maybe that's just a tenative name. (He's a dumptruck.)

Perhaps most exciting is the upsized Zord Elephant, 2.5x larger than your standard combined MRM toy. He features elephant, transport, and large robot modes, as well as official combinations with the previous released MRM toys (with the exception of Xenonbine).

While domestiques appear to snub Mugenbine, you should know the toys are larger than you might expect, especially if you happen to assume the Mugen Core robots are analogous to the old Block Robo line, extremely well made, and feature considerable play value. Also, in almost Takara-esque fashion, the toys are often quite un-photogenic. They do a lot more for you in person than in pictures. If you're a size-nut, it only takes a few sets to build 12 inch plus robots -- although their aesthetic qualities remain bound to the skill of the owner.