SD Gundam FC Gashapon


This little robot is one of the most important toys of the 20th century. Released in 1997 to little fanfare, this is one of the most forgotten, unloved gems of all robot toys. Reissued in 1999 in a slightly repainted variant, No one has paid it the slightest attention. Read along, and understand what you have been missing for all of these years.

Standing 3.5 cm, he is a little taller than the later figures in the series, but he blends in well with the rest of the figurines in this set. With charming yellow eyes and a bright red chin, the head has all of the trademark Gundam characteristics, including 8 little vents along the side, and two highly detailed holes to represent his Vulcan Cannons.

Moving along, and down, to his chest, he has two bright yellow vents on opposite sides of his chest, and a nicely detailed cockpit hatch. Moving lower still, you willl notice the bright red area on his crotch, and his short, stubby legs with big feel, giving him incredible stability in any poses you wish to put him in, whether he is lying on his back, or even his stomach.

He boasts one whole point of articulation, on his right arm, which is holding his trademark Beam Rifle. The left arm is fixed in position, but has the typical cross-festooned shield, the upper eye slot remaining in the closed position, to represent the retractable cover that was used in the atmospheric reentry scene, as shown in the original Mobile Suit Gundam TV series. He weighs two grams, and is made of swank PVC.

And, hey, if you don't like this design, there are 200 other toys in the line to choose from.

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