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Gundam Collection

Series of small, 1/400 scale Gundam Trading Figurines. When one collects Trading Figures, you are perpetually trying to find someone to buy your duplicates. This is quite simply a fact. However, to help alleviate the pain of recieving duplicate after duplicate, each figure usually comes in at least two marking or color variants.

For simplicity's sake, we've adopted the following number scheme:

[Set Number]-[Item Number].

Officially, the figures are only referred to by the item numbers, but to allow the 'sort by model number' to properly sort them into sets, the model numbers are preceded by the number of the set they are found in.

Toys from the Gundam Collection line

Name Model No. Release Date

Duel Gundam Guncolle (Clear) Ver 3 4-B4 04.2003
GM Guncolle Ver 2 5-C5 07.2003
Calamity Gundam Guncolle Ver 1 6-K6 10.2003
Z'Gok E Guncolle Ver 1 2-M2 11.2002
Gouf Guncolle Ver 1 2-H2 11.2002
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