Dougram Returns... To Sit

by Erik Ando-yeap : Radar, Radar! : 08.23.05 3:15am EST


Remember Kaiyodo's Mono-shaft Drive System? Obvious double entendre aside, it was marketese for a system of simple, angled peg joints that allowed toys to strike dynamic poses. Unfortunately, in practice, the fragile pegs often didn't last for more than one toy modelling session. Well, lead Kaiyodo designer Yamaguchi seeks to rectify those early toy flaws by unveiling new improved marketing: Revolver Joints!: A system of standardized, detented (and hopefully more rugged) joints which again promises to bring catwalk poses to the clunkiest of robot designs.

The first four toy with this new feature are "New" Shin Getter (not "True" Shin Getter), Eva-01 (again), Dante (from the Devil May Cry videogame), and everyone's favorite non-Votoms mecha, Dougram. And yes, for the first time in over two decades, there'll be a Dougram toy that can actually achieve the iconic emo-pose as seen in the show's end credits. Without much breakage, we hope.