CM's 1st Half 2006 News

by Darren Pierce : Radar, Radar! : 02.09.06 10:40am EST


Brave Gokin Raijinoh is still on track for April. Price set for ¥26,250. Due to the complexity of the design, the overal metal content won't be as high as what's found in their GGG products, but lotsa metal is promised.

The newest editions to CM's Sunrise Mecha Action line are Shadow Flare (another Blue Knight AT design) and Vifam. Shadow Flare features his Iron Claw and huge SMM Missile Launcher. Vifam features his Sling Pannier and a display stand. Both ship in April for ¥5,040 each.

The Miyazawa Real Color versions of Brave Gokin Genesic GGG and the GGG Power Up Set are both on track for a release this month. ¥22,050 and ¥6,405 respectively.