Big One


When the JAKQ series fails to appeal to a majority of the Japanese youth, Soukichi Banba is brought in to add a little humor to the mix. Although a master of disguise, Banba could never conceal one facet of his life. The white suit, white hat, white gloves and shoes, the multi-colored semi-scarf around his neck, the red carnation in the front pocket, and a wand -- all fashion markings of the classic pimp, sans goblet.

When Banba harnesses the four forms of energy (atomic, electric, magnetic, and gravitational), he henshins into Big One, armed with an even bigger wand. His appearance augments JAKQ's final attack (JAKQ Covack) into the Big Bomber, during which Big One loads the cannon for the final boom.

One can only wonder if Ishinomori intentionally designed a character who could potentially be the poster child of the Rainbow Coalition.