Energer Z SOC GX-07E Limited

Tamashii Web exclusive associated with 40th anniversary of Go Nagai's works

Articles related to Energer Z SOC GX-07E Limited

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A Pride of Gokin 2.0 Edward Armstrong Widespread Panic 06.04.06 6:19pm EST
Soul of ... Mazinger Roger Harkavy Radar, Radar! 07.09.04 4:19pm EST
Origins of an Addiction Darren Pierce Densha Blues 08.28.03 3:32pm EST
Bandai March 2005 Shipping Darren Pierce Radar, Radar! 03.03.05 10:10pm EST
Full Metal Pointy Stick Darren Pierce Radar, Radar! 01.04.06 2:04am EST
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