Macross HG Gashapon Set 01: MISSION 1

Set Information

First set of Macross Gashapon released by Bandai. As usual, made up of all Valkyries with one support robot.

Figurine Details

VF-1S Battloid

(10 parts / Molded in ivory PVC)
Posed leaning backwards slightly, clutching the gunpod in both hands. This is in black and yellow Roy Fokker colors.

VF-IJ Battloid

(9 parts / Molded in ivory PVC)
Standing with legs spread, holding a gunpod. This one is in Hikaru's colors.

VF-IJ Fighter

(9 parts / Molded in white and clear PVC)
Would be a nice representation except for the floppy wings. The cockpit is molded in clear plastic.

VF-IJ Gerwalk

(10 parts / Molded in ivory and clear PVC)
Sort of a half-plane half-robot hybrid. The cockpit on this is item also molded in clear plastic.


(x parts / Molded in white PVC)
The only non-Valkyrie in the set, and also a bit lacking in detail.

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