Porsche 930 Turbo Scale Robo MR-DX07 Silver Ver.


The Porsche 930 Turbo Scale Robo MR-DX07 Silver version is the more commonly found version of the MR-DX07 Porsche 930 Turbo. Unlike most of the other DX Machine Robo toys, its vehicle mode is actually meant to be an exact scale representation of a real vehicle (therefore: 'Scale Robo'). As part of this idea, the toy comes with very thin and fragile stickers that are not entirely pre-cut.

The front of the car is almost entirely made from diecast metal, as are the rear mudguards and some other parts. The toy has rubber tires. The robot actually has a neck joint, something not found on the other car-based DX Machine Robo toys.

The European version is shown. This version has no essential differences from the Japanese version.