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Transformers Galaxy Force

Toys from the Transformers Galaxy Force line

Name Model No. Release Date

Vector Prime GC-03 GC-03 12.28.2004

Galaxy Convoy EZ Collection 01 08.25.2005

Starscream (Galaxy Force) GD-03 GD-03 12.28.2004

Dark Ligerjack EX-01 EX-01 08.25.2005

Blur & Buzzsaw GS-01 GS-01 02.24.2005
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Articles on Transformers Galaxy Force

article author column date posted
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BinalTech with Boobies Darren Pierce Radar, Radar! 07.01.05 4:44am EST

January 2005 Shipping Schedule Darren Pierce Radar, Radar! 01.05.05 10:08pm EST
A Pride of Gokin 2.0 Edward Armstrong Widespread Panic 06.04.06 6:19pm EST
And The Next Brave Series Is ... Darren Pierce Radar, Radar! 10.24.04 4:18pm EST
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