BinalTech with Boobies

by Darren Pierce : Radar, Radar! : 07.01.05 4:44am EST


It's been a big day for BinalTech. The Toyota Bb is announced as BT-17 Skids, arriving in November. The street version of Prowl is announced as Vivid Blue Pearl Edition, arriving on the 28th of this month.

But more curious is the BinalTech Asterisk Series. "Alert featuring the WRX Prefecture Police meets Asterisk." Asterisk is a female cop. "Sunstreaker featuring the Viper GTS meets Junko." Junko is a racing queen. This means something a little different in Japan than it might in the US. Think "track bunny". "Broadcast featuring Toyota Bb meets Rumina." Rumina is a quick-to-the-scene news reporter. Will they keep a gun in their purse? Ships in September, September, and November, respectively.

[Update: An early fax suggested the girls might be Microman-based figures, but later info backs off that notion.]

While on the subject of Transformers, GC-23 Mega Convoy, billed as the last and biggest convoy yet at around sixty bucks, is due in September.