Kinnikuman Sells

by Darren Pierce : Radar, Radar! : 10.28.06 6:32pm EST


The Microaction Kinnikuman toys have been a minor success. Two-packs are being sold in February to follow on. Original Kinnikuman & anime-colors Terryman, Anime-colors Warsman & original Ramenman, Anime-colors Robinmask & anime-colors Broken Jr. all ship on February 23.

Two more Actic Gear VTM series mini dioramas coming. AG-VTM03 Chaos Space depicts the Scopedog II with Round Mover on the mysterious Space Battleship X, shipping in January. AG-VTM04 Decide Destiny ships in February, including a Scopedog and scale Chirico & Fyana. The diorama can be built to represent a scene from the show's fourth OP or its ED. Both priced at ¥4,000.