Expat Export Scopedog

by Roger Harkavy : Radar, Radar! : 07.22.04 4:44pm EST


Breaking news! Roving reporters Ken Abbe and Harvey Kung have just gotten information about Yamato USA's 1/12 Scopedog toy. It will be available mid-2005 at the earliest, will retail in the US for over $100, includes a Chirico Cuvie figure with dubious articulation, and apparently "turns into a tank".

Despite that last bit of information, collected verbatim from the Yamato USA sales rep who probably has enough of a life not to know what the words "down form" mean, the previous points paint a more detailed picture of what to expect and when.

One thing to consider regarding Yamato product, though: Initial prototypes of the Q-Rau they showed off last year were noticeably larger than what was eventually released. In this day and age of computer-assisted design, it's a pretty simple matter to scale a toy up or down to meet price points, manufacturing requirements, etc. What we see and hear at the shows today may not necessarily be true tomorrow.