Tidbit Platter Oct '06

by Darren Pierce : Radar, Radar! : 10.24.06 7:33pm EST


Brave Gokin Gaogaigo is locked for December at ¥12,400. There's some better imagery of Gaigo out as well.

Atelier Sai is offering a line up of three 10cm Garlands, from the original Megazone 23 OVAs, in March. Selling for ¥3,000 each, the PVC figures represent the Garland, Garland prototype, and E=X Garland.

Scopedog II is lined up for TakaraTomy's Scopedog Space Assault DMZ-03, with Round Mover and Microaction Fyana. Ships in March for ¥12,400.

Giant Robo fans were treated to Soft Garage's presser for their upcoming events. Look forward to Giant Robo anime on Sg-TV pay per view in January.