A Small Pile

by Darren Pierce : Radar, Radar! : 09.24.06 2:36am EST


It's been busy lately -- with real life, not toy news -- so here's a combined dump of some recent goings on. The dumptruck itself isn't a part of any toy news. Although Komatsu sells some pretty sweet high-detail diecast models of its equipment. You can buy them at the Komatsu office here in Georgia. None of them are robots, though. So ...

  • The next edition of Project Soul of Chogokin is rumored to WILL come with a Real Type SOC Xabungle mail in offer
  • SeaWinger, a recolor of Ultraman Moebius' GunWinger is coming in December
  • The previously show-exclusive 35 Max weapons sets can now be mail ordered. Remember, these are unpainted resin kits
  • The two new Shin Seiki Gokin Arcadias represent the Arcadia from the old TV series. They're not skull-bow OVA ship recolors
  • A Special Forces Microaction Chirico is coming in January. And if you don't want to buy a stack of DVDs to pick up Microaction Merowlink, he'll be available as the second Microaction Plus toy, complete with his sidecar bike and weapon, also in January
  • A little catalog photography of Black Ultimate Daibouken and Daivoyager
  • The Max Factory Dann action figure is going to be a foot tall!
  • Last, it looks like SOC Walker Galliar's equipment stand will be the little hover truck that often hauled his gear on the show