November 2005 Bandai Bits

by Darren Pierce : Radar, Radar! : 11.12.05 7:51pm EST


A few notes ...

SOC Battle Fever Robo advertised at 6 inches.

Bandai is offering a Magiking "Complete Edition", aimed at adult collectors, that features a higher level of deco, an old school window box, and a special "Magiran-Ball" that can store Magifairy. It's available for ¥10,500 via selected hobby stores in March.

Look for the Machine Robo Mugenbine "Four Holy Beast Box" set in January. It's ¥3,150, and features parts to build Seiryuu the blue dragon, Byakko the white tiger, Suzaku the scarlet sparrow, Genbu the snake/turtle god, and a Mugenroid. The theme is based on the four Chinese gods that occupy the corners of the universe (popular in feng shui and anime).

And last, on the topic of things that will probably turn out to be Bandai, check out the new Gaiking gattai sequence. The kid's uniform is great.