Mugenbine in Every Variation

by Darren Pierce : Radar, Radar! : 05.22.05 11:04am EST


Updated ...
Mugen Gattai Quest Knight and Razor Ninja fill out the Q and R in the Machine Robo alphabet. Quest Knight has a (you guessed it) knight motif, and can transform between water cannon truck and dragon. Available in August. Razor Ninja has a (thinking caps on) ninja motif, and transforms between sports car and shark. Available in September.

The "Three Beast Warriors" trio is completed with November's "Save Gunman" (tenative), who has a western motif and turns into a buffalo, amongst other things. All three combine into a nifty big-sized robot. (Only T, U, W, and Y remain.)

Beast Machine Gattai 04 Mugen Hercules arrives in October. We're not sure what his theme is all about, but a C-130 would fit the cargo box mentality ... (watch it be a beetle)