Takara Scopedog Fest

by Darren Pierce : Radar, Radar! : 02.15.05 8:15pm EST


Updated ...

You might've noticed Takara has reissued the Dual Model Scopedog (RDM-01) and Brutishdog (RDM-02), for sale on May 27th for ¥5,040 each. Not pure reissues, the new Revival Dual Model Series is billed as an upgrade from the originals offering a revised Solid Shooter and heavy machine gun. The products also feature new box art by Ohkawara.

Also announced is the 1:48 Hybrid Style Pro series of Armored Troopers. HBS-P01 Chirico's Scopedog (¥1,690) and HBS-P02 Scopedog with parachute zak (¥1,890) both ship on June 30th. HBS-P03 Fyana's Brutishdog (¥1,785) ships July 28. The tiny, 3.5 inch HBS Pro AT's offer gimmicks such as turnpicks, arm punches, opening hatches and visors, roller heels, great poseability, and down doggie mode.

The HBS Pro line builds on a new collector's series launched with the HBS Galaxy Convoy. HBS products are apparently being marketed as re-imagined versions of existing toys geared toward collectors. In fact, the HBS Pro Scopedogs are described as collectible renditions of the "Takara Version of the Scopedog (toy)".