Super Robot Complete Works Set 07: Ankoku Daishogun

Set Information

The final set of HG Gashapon based on the various classic Super Robots, this collection chronicles the final battle between Great Mazinger and Ankoku Daishogun.

Figurine Details

Mazinger Z

(11 parts / Molded in white PVC)
This version of Mazinger is facing left and is equipped with a Jet Scrander. His limbs are painted in a dark metallic gray opposed to the white or grey of previous releasesl

Dianan A

(4 parts / Molded in clear PVC)
Skinny-legged heroine robot. Equipped with the plainly colored "Breast Missiles", not the more typical striped ones.

Toros D7

(7 parts / Molded in white PVC)
Four-legged monster that looks like a doghouse with legs. One of the more creative designs represented as a Gashapon figurine.

Ankoku Daishogun

(11 parts / Molded in clear PVC)
The main villian in this assortment. Its sword suffers from 'Gashapon Disease' - As in, it's horribly bent beyond repair while in his capsule.

Great Mazinger

(9 parts / Molded in white PVC)
Like his brother Mazinger Z above, he has dark grey limbs. Armed with a sword with the grey 'Great Booster' on his back.

Boss Borot

(8 + 2 parts / Molded in white PVC)
Posed with its arms in the air, riding on two missiles. Boss himself is made of 8 pieces, and the two (removable) missiles make up the other two.

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