Gundiver Action Defender (#02)


When classifying the 'good guy' robots of the various Gundam media, you will more than likely find they come in two types - It's either a Gundam or a GM. There's preciously few exceptions to this - they're either a heavily modfied Gundam, or, well, pretty much like a GM. The ReGz, the combining and transforming robot from Char's Counterattack is one of the few mecha that blur the line. In the original G-Arms video game and model kit series, the character named 'Gundiver' was an SD Gundam Mark II with diving gear- In order to make all of these robots somewhat recognizable to American Audiences, it was changed from the Mk. II into the ReGz for the SD Gundam Force / Superior Defender TV Anime.

While not considered popular enough to get a general release in Japan, (However, the Toys Dream Project saved this refugee and gave it a limited release) the US got two marking variants - one with an "01" on its left shoulder and "backpack", and one with "02". The only hand-held accessory included are two impotent PVC tridents - yellow, with clear green beams on one side of them. A visor of clear green shields the robot's cute-as-a-button little googly eyes. The yellow vents in the chest and the insignias on the shoulder and crotch are painted with a slightly glittery yellow paint, the two green spots on the skirt armor are painted with a simillar paint, but, well, green. The majority of the rest of the toy is cast in a mint-like green, the backpack and submarine parts cast in a bright yellow.

The main gimmick of this toy is the transformation, and it couldn't be simpler. Rotate the legs so the toes are facing outward. Push in the twin antenna on his head and then turn it 180 degrees. Slide your finger under the central yellow part of the backpack - this creates the 'cockpit' of the submarine.. Pull the arms gently from the sockets - they will extend out - and place both arms in front of the torso, then rotate the lower arms at the elbow until the outer arms (the part with the extra armor) are point downwards.. Rotate the two pods on either side of the top of the submarine's 'cockpit' until they are paralell with the back of the torso and press down on them until they lock into the lower position, Push the two wings until they press the sides of the skirt armor, and pull the two wings down, making the sides of the submarine.

It's not the most flawless or stable transformation ever, but it's adequate, and it looks good from the side. It's also true that this toy is not the most amazing in the line, but it is a "good guy" Gundam toy that isn't a Gundam or GM - putting it in a severe minority in the Gundam-heavy Superior Defender line.

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