Zako Soldier Action Defender


This little fellow, the Zako Soldier, is obviously the SD Gundam Force version of the classic Zaku II, but it also has some influence from later variants on that design - namely, the Germanic head design of the Zaku Kai from Gundam 0080. The name is a pun on the word 'ko', which means 'small' - and this toy certainly is a small Zaku II.

Standing the shortest of the items released in the Action Defender line, the features make up for the small stature. He's cast in a light green color, with details in black, dark green, and notably, the pink eye, which has a slightly pearlescent finish. The toy comes with an axe and machine gun, and features ball-joints in the feet (this is one of the few items in the line with no upper legs to speak of), and a front and back plate of torso armor, which restricts movement of the arms. Attaching the armor, then pressing down on the head causes it to fall off, making him drop his clothing any time your sick mind desires. The skeleton of the figure is quite posable, enabling him to do some pretty funky breakdancing movies. When you've had your fun, the armor snaps back on easily enough.

The majority of toys in the Superior Defender line have features that either emulated their MSiA or Model Kit counterparts, but the Zako has a fresh, unique gimmick that isn't too often seen in many toys. Now, there's plenty of toys you can strip for your pleasure, but how many of them do it with a slight tap?

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