Zero the Winged Knight Action Defender


Zero the Winged Knight is the SD Gundam Force version of Wing Gundam Zero from the perennial American favorite, Gundam Wing. Versions of this character have also shown up in various SD Model kit lines and trading card and video games -- The Fantasy-inspired world of Lacroa has been around nearly as long as G-Arms, but the Wing-inspired robots are a relatively new addition.

Zero is one of the most colorful of the toys in the line. Mainly in white and blue but accented with yellow, green, red, and silver. The hilt of the sword is similarly detailed, an area that has traditionally been quite plain, as far as meaningful paint applications go. The shield is painted in yellow, red, and white. The insignias on his shoulders are Earth Federation insignias from the classic Mobile Suit Gundam series, not an insignia from Gundam Wing.

His action feature is one of the most basic -- Turn his waist, and he raises and lowers his right arm. This is accomplished with a set of gears in the torso and arm, and has been seen many times in many other lines, especially in the USA. The only other feature is that the included sword can be sheathed in the top of the shield, much like how the Gouf Custom from the 08th MS Team can store his sword.

While this toy isn't particularly notable, the fact that it's a variant on a Gundam Wing character has served to make it popular, to an extent. However, the Japanese Flextion line got an upgraded version packed with the Feather Dragon -- Knight Zero Custom. It lacks the action features, but is slightly bigger, and more accurate to the TV Show.

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