Captain Gundam Action Defender


Captain Gundam is obviously the SD Gundam Force version of RX-78 Gundam, but with many differences. Like many of the other characters in the series based off of ones of the Universal Century storyline, he made his debut in the G-Arms series - A series of original SD designs created for the purpose of making model kits and video games.

The toy is packed with a beam saber, beam rifle, and a shield. Like many of the early Superior Defender releases, this toy has an 'action feature' - rotate his backpack clockwise and the toy's right arm is raised - counterclockwise the lower the arm. The toy's instructions try to tell you he should use this to aim his rifle, but it works much better if you put the beam saber in the toy's hand instead - they were simply trying to disguise the fact that all three of the first toys in the line had gimmicks that involves flailing one or both of their sword-holding arms.

The toy is primarily cast in white plastic, the torso and shoulders are cast in blue. The yellow accents on his chest, shoulder, and shield have a slightly metallic appearance to them, but they are certainly not gold. The green sensor in the toy's 'mohawk' is painted with a simillar shade of green. The soles of his feet are red, but in back, they have grey wheels - they don't touch the ground, but they lock into the 'pedals' on the Gunbike toy.

It has taken many years to finally get a toy version of Captain Gundam released, and this representation surely stands up as a testament to his legacy.

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