Toy Line

Banpresto SD Gokin

This is not an officially branded toy line but a collection of three related lines: Super Robot Wars Hot-blooded Gokin, Steel Gokin, and MS Gokin. Since the lines share a singular numbering system, it is more convenient to treat them as a single entity.

Toys from the Banpresto SD Gokin line

Name Model No. Release Date

SD Gouf MS Gokin BPZ-20 11.1999
SD Combattler V SRW Hot-blooded Gokin BPZ-01 08.1998
SD Zugock MS Gokin BPZ-19 11.1999

SD Char's Zaku MS Gokin BPZ-15 09.1999
SD Raideen SRW Hot-blooded Gokin COMPLETE BPZ-06 02.2000
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