Keybots in Q3 2006

by Darren Pierce : Radar, Radar! : 05.29.06 7:53pm EST


Three more Keybots toys are planned, all of which are designed to combine with existing Keybots toys in some way as power ups.

06 Rai Xiong Mao ("thunder panda"), July ¥1,800, consists of a black bear and a white bear that combines to form a panda. It can combine with Baning Burn to form Baning Xiong Mao.

07 Thunder Singa ("thunder lion"), August ¥1,800, has lion and humanoid modes. Can form a sword and shield for Baning Burn.

08 Megalo Chimera Set, September, ¥3,980, composed of SolidCondor and DarkSkylla, combines to form a four legged chimera beast. As a counter-mecha to Zeekrad's GigaDragon, Megalo Chimera is meant to work with Darkzeek.