Ryukendo Animal Sentai

by Darren Pierce : Radar, Radar! : 12.25.05 7:26pm EST


More information on Ryukendo's transforming Action Hero line has surfaced. It's taken a while for pictures of Brave Leon, Ryukendo's three wheeled bike, to show up in its transformed state. The toy represents the overall theme of the Action Hero line -- a self aware "Madan" (magic bullet) mecha that transforms into a vehicle or accessory for a team member.

Ryukendo's partner Ryuganoh also has bike that transforms into Buster Wolf. Ryukendo also features two power up modes, fire and aqua mode, that are each associated with Madan mecha, Fire Kong and Aqua Shark.

No giant robots are in the marketing works yet, but there's a ton of roleplay toys.